What Is StikYard?

StikYard is a spirited fusion of driving percussion, original musical arrangements and unique choreography. Percussionists in motion utilize a dazzling display of unique and specially designed instruments to bring excitement and joy to audiences of all ages. Supporting performers sometimes join the fray, including solo artists, choirs, and dancers.


Director Mark Miller

StikYard founder and director Mark Miller combines his extensive musical experience with an infectious ambition to create one of a kind productions that inspire and excite. Over the years, Mark has traveled the United States and beyond, performing for audiences of thousands with an ever expanding group of talented artists by his side. Currently residing in Nashville, Tennessee, Mark has toured with CCM artists Joy Williams, Mark Schultz, Watermark, Ginny Owens, and Erin O'Donnell.

Meet the Team

Our amazing drummers are the lifeblood of StikYard. The passion and dedication our wonderful team brings to light in every performance is both stirring and exhilarating. Based in St. Louis, MO, we travel from coast to coast bringing unique and customized performances to a variety of events, from NBA and college halftime entertainment to church services.